Green Couches

Taken from my phone.

Yesterday i started moving into mine and Katies' new apartment. We have a very fine collection of hand-me-down furniture.

Above: the green couches are from my Aunt Cindy, the coffee table i made when i was in 8th grade, I cant recall where the white end table came from. 

We also received a table and chairs from my Uncle Kirbys' mom, and an antique waterfall bed from my parents, that Katie and I restored together.

Now, i am very grateful for all these peoples generous gifts, we just don't know how to make them all look good together. Here are our ideas:

Katie: Why don't we paint the couches?

Neil: We should buy a lot of plants to camouflage the couches.

If any of my 2 followers have an idea for how to make these bold green couches look somewhat pleasing to the eye, please feel free to drop a comment below.


steveandjodiwinn said...

Find some throw pilliows:-)

Katie Jane said...

I still think we could paint them...

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