King Of The Castle

Katie and I walked into our apartment the other day to find it LOADED with really cool stuff. My mom surprised us with turning our sad, empty apartment into a very nice, cozy place to live. She even got us a Christmas tree! Thanks Mom : )
Compare to the post a while back about the green couches.

This is the bed me and Katie restored together.

This is a Christmas ornament thing that Jaime from Guatemala gave us.

Merry Christmas!!


Katie Jane said...

Where did that wreath come from?

Neil D Johnson said...

Its hanging on Cindy's house by her garage.

Justin and Rebecca said...

Cindy's house? I feel like this is false advertising. ;P Haha your apartment looks great! I need to come see it in person

Neil D Johnson said...

False Advertising? Seriously, go look at Cindy's wreaths on her garage. You oughta come visit us sometime Reba!

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